F8 Filter

Silkroad Server Protection

  • Features:

    • DDOS Protection
    • Exploit Protection
    • Spam/Flood Protection

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Our Features

# Starter (Up to 300) Lite Standard Standard+ Old School Professional Professional+ Development mode
Player Limit 300 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Gateway Server Limit 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 99
Download Server Limit 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 99
Shard Manager Limit 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 99
Game Server Limit 1 3 3 3 3 4 5 99
Agent Server Limit 1 2 2 3 3 4 5 99
DDos Protection (480 Gbps)
Exploit Protection
Spam/Flood Protection
[Level] Maximum Character Level
[Level] Maximum Skill Level
[Level] Maximum Party Matching Level
[Level] Maximum Job Level
[Alchemy] Enable Old Alchemy
[Alchemy] Maximum Opt. (+) Level
[Alchemy] Disable Adv. Elixir
[Alchemy] Req. Immortal after plus 5 (only sox items)
[Guild and Union] Disable Guild Penalty
[Guild and Union] Disable GP Donating
[Guild and Union] Union Chat Limit
[Guild and Union] Maximum Union Member
[Guild and Union] Guild member limit at level 1
[Guild and Union] Guild member limit at level 2
[Guild and Union] Guild member limit at level 3
[Guild and Union] Guild member limit at level 4
[Guild and Union] Guild member limit at level 5
[PC/IP Limit] Enable PC Limit
[PC/IP Limit] PC Limit
[PC/IP Limit] Enable IP Limit
[PC/IP Limit] Connections/IP
[Region Restrictions] Non-PK Regions
[Region Restrictions] Per Region Restricted Item
[Region Restrictions] Per Region Allowed Items
[Region Restrictions] Per Region Resticted Berserk
[Region Restrictions] Per Region Restricted Skills
[Region Restrictions] Party Restricted Regions
[Region Restrictions] Stall Disabled Area's
[Region Restrictions] Job Unequip Area's
[Region Restrictions] Name Hidden Regions
[Region Restrictions] Compulsory PvP(Cape) Regions
[PK Settings] Disable Drop Randomly Item When Died
[PK Settings] PK Minimum Level
[Battle Arena] Minimum Level
[Battle Arena] Reward Item Code Name
[Battle Arena] Win Item Count (random&party)
[Battle Arena] Lose Item Count (random&party)
[Battle Arena] Enable Anti-AFK
[Battle Arena] AFK Time
[Battle Arena] Win Item Count (guild&job)
[Battle Arena] PC Limit
[Battle Arena] Lose Item Count (guild&job)
[Capture the Flag] Minimum Level
[Capture the Flag] Per Kill Reward Item Code Name
[Capture the Flag] Item Count
[Capture the Flag] Win Reward Item Code Name
[Capture the Flag] Item Count
[Capture the Flag] Enable Anti-AFK
[Capture the Flag] AFK Time
[Capture the Flag] PC Limit
[Features] Enable Old Item Mall
[Features] Disable Exchange/Stall Spam
[Features] Disable Avatar Magic Opt. Exploit
[Features] Enable Unique Target
[Features] Enable Charname Color
[Features] Enable Hwan(Zerk) Color
[Features] Enable Title Window
[Features] Enable In-Game Rank Window
[Features] Enable DPS Meter Window
[Features] Enable Attendance Check Event
[Features] Enable Dynamic Ranking
[Features] Enable Simple Global Score Board
[Features] Enable Coloured Globals
[Features] Disable names on survival arena (Survival Arena Event is Required)
[Features] Show names when unique killed by gm
[Features] Enable Fellow pet fixes(speed bug etc.)
[Features] Enable Stall Network
[Features] Enable Item Lock
[Features] Enable Global Item Link
[Features] Enable Prevent Caravan Termination on Near Town
[Features] FGW Hwid Limit
[Features] Enable Web Mall
[Features] Enable Old Tooltip
[Features] Enable Old Login
[Features] Enable Old Underbar
[Features] Enable Only China Create
[Features] Enable Old Guild
[Features] Enable Old PvP Cape
[Features] Enable Old Target Window
[Features] Enable Old Chat
[Features] Enable Old Option Window
[Features] Enable Old World Map
[Features] Enable Old Window Sidebar
[Features] Enable Old Quest Window
[Features] Enable Cast Break Fix
[Features] Enable Wrong Password Fix
[Features] Hide Quest Raise Error
[Features] Enable Party Monster Config
[Features] Disable Gold Price Error
[Mastery Level] Enable CH Skills For EU Characters
[Mastery Level] Enable CH Mastery System For EU Characters
[Mastery Level] CH Maximum Mastery Level
[Mastery Level] EU Mastery Per Level
[Mastery Level] EU Maximum Mastery Level
[GM Console] Maximum Opt. (+) Level
[Pet] Grab Pet Inventory Size
[Pet] Maximum Pet Level
[Job] Disable Job Penalty
[Job] Show guild names on job
[Job] Enable Job Reverse Delay
[Job] Enable Old Jobbing (Three Job)
[Job] Disable Trace on Jobbing
[Job] Job Reverse Delay
[Job] Disable PH Bot
[Job] Disable Berserk on Job status
[Job] Job Berserk Delay
[Job] Disable Res. Scroll on Jobbing
[Job] Disable Reverse Scroll on Jobbing
[Job] Disable npc thief/hunter mob spawn
[Job] Enable Trace For When Jobbing
[Job] Restricted Items (While Job)
[Job] Restricted Skills (While Job)
[Job] Teleport Delay (second)
[Job] Job PC Limit
[Fortress war] Enable Constantine FW Pulleys
[Fortress war] Disable Berserk Mode
[Fortress war] Disable Trace on Fortress War
[Fortress war] Disable Berserk Pot
[Fortress war] Enable Fortress war Kill counter window
[Fortress war] Disable grab&attack pets on fortress war
[Fortress war] FW Berserk Delay
[Fortress war] Fortress PC Limit
[Academy] Academy Creation Level
[Academy] Disable Academy Create
[Academy] Disable Academy System
[Notification] Plus Notifier
[Notification] Welcome Message
[Global Chatting] Required Level
[Global Chatting] Delay (Milliseconds)
[Global Chatting] Browse links on global chat/notice
[Reverse Scroll] Required Level
[Reverse Scroll] Delay (Milliseconds)
[Wheel of Fortune] Enable Wheel of Fortune
[Wheel of Fortune] Wheel Items
[Wheel of Fortune] SQL Data Generator
[Player Icon] Enable Player Icon
[Player Icon] Icon Data
[Player Icon] SQL Data Generator
[AFK System] Enable AFK System
[AFK System] Minutes
[Auto. Events] Enable Lucky Party Number Event
[Auto. Events] Enable Free For All event
[Auto. Events] Enable Battle Royale event
[Auto. Events] Ffa min register level
[Auto. Events] Enable Survival Event
[Auto. Events] Type your FFA world ID
[Auto. Events] Survival arena max. kill limit (per hwid)
[Party] Enable Live Party
[Triggers] Execute Sql on Job Join
[Triggers] Execute Sql on Equip Job Suit
[Triggers] Execute Sql on Buying Trade Goods
[Triggers] Execute Sql on Unique Death
[Social Icons] Enable Discord Overlay
[Social Icons] App. ID
[Social Icons] Large Image Name
[Social Icons] Display Name
[Social Icons] Enable Icon
[Social Icons] Enable Icon
[Social Icons] Url
[Social Icons] Url